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Anti-Money Laundering
Money laundering and terrorist financing can undermine the integrity and stability of financial markets and institutions. It is a global problem.


The global nature of the world’s financial systems provides criminals with unlimited opportunities to launder money; global money laundering transactions are estimated at 2.7% of global GDP, or roughly US$1.6 trillion annually. Many hundreds of billions of pounds of international criminal money is laundered through UK banks, including their subsidiaries, each year.

How can we help?

We are able to offer a unique combination of expertise, relevant experience and value through globally proven methodology and tools for assessing and communicating the business impact of AML regulations and laws. Examples of what we offer our clients include:

  • Compliance reviews, including reviewing and testing policy and procedures

  • Transaction monitoring

  • Payment analytics

  • Customer and/or transaction screening

  • Look-back reviews

  • Governance and controls, along with ML risk assessments and controls testing

  • Data analytics, including forensic analysis, investigations and data mining

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