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Our team can help you manage your financial crime risks. Our specialist areas of expertise include anti-money laundering, economic sanctions and anti-bribery & corruption as well as all aspects of trade-based financial crime. 

Mitigating the risk of economic crime means much more than simply fulfilling regulatory requirements. Companies with ineffective systems and controls in place to identify, monitor and manage economic crime risk may be subject to civil or criminal prosecution.

Our team's approach to governance, risk management and compliance helps you to better assess and improve your risk and regulatory framework. We take an integrated approach, combining specialist insight and innovation across multiple disciplines including data analytics, monitoring and control processes.

We can provide consultancy support or manage projects on your behalf. We undertake s166 work as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for a wide range of law firms as part of a combined Skilled Person team. We also provide advice and assistance to those financial institutions subject to a s166 review. 

We can provide resources to supplement your team, from business analysts to MLRO.

Our services


Anti-money laundering

International banks are the first line of defence against money laundering, terrorism funding and an expanding array of other illicit activities.

By understanding your business, the parties you have dealings with, the nature of your customer's business and the products and services they use, we can assess the potential exposure to financial crime risk and help you reduce it.

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Economic sanctions

The sanctions environment is getting more complex with every passing day. Financial institutions need to screen against multiple, constantly changing lists, so making it harder and more expensive to comply with international sanctions requirements.

By designing, implementing, enhancing, and testing sanctions programs, we can improve your ability to meet regulatory requirements. We also provide services to respond to and remediate compliance failures when they occur.

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Anti-bribery & corruption

An effective ABC compliance program needs to be risk based to ensure that it is properly designed to implement strategies and allocate resources to mitigate the specific and most substantial risks of corruption and bribery facing the business.

Find out how we can help you address the challenge of corruption from every angle.

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